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Even though I may know the sign energy it’s still interesting to me how it turns out and is displayed hence these rides of the day post. This was an interesting guy a lot of my rides don’t know the times but some do and this guy did. Leo rising, Capricorn Sun in 6th and Gemini moon in the 11th. After explaining to him Leo (his public mask) that is when it got interesting to me. I asked my usual Aquarius question are you genius energy (very smart) or strange and unusual as in tattoos piercings different color hair? Both, I am a tattoo artist but I have looked at the ACT test a few times I think I can pass it easily no problem. The astrology conversation began with him saying Capricorn didn’t fit him but He wasn’t looking in the right place because it’s displayed at work. Being 6th house sun I asked him Capricorn and Virgo questions about the way he works. Sure enough we found his Capricorn. Also what I found interesting is he was an only child and usually I have seen only child moon sign matches the mother’s sun sign but not this guy it matched his Saturn and his Venus is in the same house and sign. I asked him a few questions about the style of mate he likes and he agreed but the with Saturn being there I asked if he holds himself from Love another yes. I figure being that he is a workaholic and is dedicated to his tattoos maybe why. Lastly, his north node is Aries in his 9th house. Aries is the warrior full steam ahead 9th house is higher learning. At one point we was talking about the human body and this guy started breaking down the molecular structure of the human body clearly something you wouldn’t expect an tattoo artist to be talking about but his moon is Gemini the lover of information. With all that being said his soul lesson is to be a warrior when it comes to his higher learner but he holds himself back. Clearly he wants it, why has he looked at the test and think can pass it? The key to his freedom is taking that test. Funny thing the conversation started because the guy on the radio was talking about the movie Good Will Hunting this genius janitor who could solve complex math equations with ease. You want to know what synchronicity is? It’s this genius tattoo artist getting in my car when the guy on the radio is talking about a genius janitor in a movie. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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