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He love me He loves me Not

Just for the record before I tell this one I tell it with no judgment. I tell it because although I read all this stuff about the different signs it’s a trip how it’s displayed. When you combine the sun and moon and the rest its like gumbo. So I met this Libra I pulled up as him and his girlfriend pulled up at her job and I was bring him home. Libra’s love relationships they rule that zone. This guy was also a Gemini moon. Gemini the twins there can be 2 sides of Gemini. Gemini’s can be indecisive because of the 2 sides. With that being said this guy was nice clean-cut well-spoken (no surprise 2 air signs) young man. He really threw me for a loop when he said I need to get in here and shower up I need to go see my other girl in about 2 hours. Now I know what you’re thinking what an asshole but that is why I am telling this story. I bet he actually treats both females very well because of his Libra. He just can’t emotionally choose 1 because of his Gemini moon. Emotionally he can see himself with both. I bet they are totally different types to. Again I’m not judging his action just noticing the energy on display. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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