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Extreme air meets Extreme air

What happens when extreme air meets extreme air on a 40 min ride? Not one minute wasted without words being said. Him Gemini sun me Gemini Rising. Him Aquarius moon me Aquarius mars in the 9th house of higher learning. The convo started off with the Falcons and by time I dropped him off at the airport we was talking about the bible. How in the hell did that happen? It was the Gemini, the topics was flying left and right. Then the Aquarius started coming out when the topic turned to systems which Aquarius energy really doesn’t it’s freedom loving. It turns out his sister and mom are Aquarius which made me look up his moon. I wondered if he was the very smart Aquarius or the strange and unusual Aquarius. He had tats and Piercings I didn’t ask where though so he was the strange and unusual. I’m not judging I don’t care but society it’s strange and unusual. By this time we was almost there and the bible was the topic and he was sharing his Aquarius interpretation of it I listened. Although he was rebellious toward systems from the convo I could tell he was still trap in one. Gemini’s love new information so I figured I will send him down a rabbit hole. “Its about 350 miles from Egypt to Jerusalem. Maybe 30 day walk at the most why did it take Moses 40 years?” Have a nice flight. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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