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Away from those old people

“Glad you’re here I had to get away from all those old people” are the first words I hear I pull up to the retired community. I was there visiting a friend and today they had music a guy singing Frank Sintara. Hmm wait how old are you? I just had my 90th birthday 2 weeks ago. So you’re a Leo “Yes” are you one as well no I’m an astrologer oh wow. Leo’s are blah blah blah. “You are correct” Up until 2 years ago I drove myself. I played golf I stay active. Since my 75th B day I have done something different I have never done before. Then she reeled off a bunch of companies and accomplishments, which took a few minutes because the list is pretty long. Now I had to look sure enough Capricorn rising. Have you ever been accused of being a workaholic? Yes, then a story. Pisces moon in the 3rd house. I asked her about shoes because Pisces rules the feet. “I would have worn my heals but I didn’t want to make those old lady’s jealous because they can’t wear them and I just had 2 knee replacements. The doc didn’t want to do it because of my age but I said either you do it or I will find a doc that will. I also want you to do both at the same time to lessen the recovery but they made me do it 3 month apart. I was starting to have knee problems I was looking at some old people move around and said not me so I had my knees done. I started a blog sagat90 to. (3rd house communication). I look at her bio she was always doing some type of communications. Lastly, she has a grand trine in fire this explains the having to be active and need to be able to move around. There is a lot more but trying to keep this short but I have seen 50 year olds with less energy then this lady all fire. Her bio is on her blog page. Young man can you email me some info about what we talked about? You are the most interesting driver I have ever had. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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