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Are we on punk'd

I gave a couple a ride I over heard them talking about someone’s birthday being right near the cut off date so I helped out with that date and sign. That is how it began. Its funny how someone starts telling me about a sign then I turn around and tell them about the same sign and I can feel how it just shifts like wait this dude might know something. Nice looking young couple she is a Libra and He is a Gemini. I asked if she was a non-confrontational Libra or a controlling Libra she said non confrontational but for some reason I didn’t get that feeling. I will say this talking about sun signs is cool but it is really interesting to introduce people to the emotional moon sign. She just happened to be the same moon sign as me so I have first hand knowledge of this. So I won’t say people don’t know their emotional energy but it’s validating. So I know being a fellow Scorpio moon just explaining the extremeness of the energy was like a relief it’s kind of hard to explain without someone thinking your crazy. Now when you start explaining energy to people and what you are saying they just happened to have a conversation about the night before I guess things can seem a little freaky. So freaky that he makes a comment “wait are we on punk’d?” No you guys just be slightly introduced to yourself. P.S why did I say I think she is a controlling Libra? Because of her moon sign. Scorpio is a fixed sign and fixed signs can be controlling. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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