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First off I want to thank this brother, he would not allow my standard M/O which is censorship of myself to level whoever I am dealing with at that time. How did he do it? After a 40 min ride conversation to his job when he got off he called me to continue and this brother stayed on the phone with me for 2hrs peppering me with questions while I was driving other people around. Riders getting in and out were privy to the conversation. One even asked for a card and was like man I like what your preaching. That comment stood out to me because of the BBQ post just scroll down the page to find it. This dude didn’t want to talk to my Gemini rising or my Virgo sun this guy wanted my Scorpio moon he was ready to go deep. Scorpio is a scorpion submerged in deep water and it likes it down there so when it’s disturbed and has to emerge the stinger comes out. It takes awhile for it to settle back down in their depth that is why Scorpio’s can hold grudges. He don’t realize what happened but I do even though he said he really don’t feel the Capricorn. Capricorn respect authority and if you’re not an authority on a subject they are not listening to you. This guy didn’t have the normal type spirituality and he was riding with a guy with some alternative views hence all the questions. The difference with this brother he didn’t want to hear all the information I gathered (Gemini) Or the analyzed information (Virgo) he was asking me what I truly believe my (Scorpio). It was refreshing for it to come out not in a hostile mad emotional time it came out in a conversation that needed depth. I’m sure I didn’t answer all his questions but I did leave him with some things to think about. I will be meeting up with this brother again. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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