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I guess it’s only right to make him ride of the day since he tipped me $20 bucks on an $11.50 ride. He was a Taurus. He was in town for a business meeting from outside of D.C. Probably pretty successful $ wise You know how Taurus has to be secure. We talked about Taurus energy then he asked about Libra. I asked him “who is a Libra” my wife. Turns out she is the controlling type of Libra. Funny how that works out a controlling Libra is married to a stubborn ass Taurus that is no accident. Controlling Libra’s needs to learn to let people be. The bull will not do anything he doesn’t feel like doing. Then we ran down his kids. A non-confrontational Libra daughter, a Gemini (QB, Wrestler) Gemini rules the arms and hands and a Sagittarius (Fullback) with thighs like tree trunks Sagittarius rules the thighs. I didn’t ask him but now that I am thinking about it they probably have a pretty lively house. The 2 boys probably argue a lot since Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite signs leaving the Libra (balance in relationships) daughter breaking up the fights. The boys probably drive the controlling Libra mom crazy because both are mutable signs with a lot of nerves energy. The Gemini will not sit still and the sag keeps running his mouth. Lastly, I heard whatever the kids sign is what the relationship needs at that time. You needed more balance in your relationship with your daughter more communication when you had the Gemini and probably I little more fun laughter and light heartedness or traveling with the Sag. Man this has been a great conversation and best ride I have ever had. Thanks you have a nice flight home. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY  

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