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The Art of Achieving Greatness: Tips and Strategies for Spelling Great

What’s popping peeps? Today we bring to you a new segment called word annihilation. It’s where we go through these words in the English language and point out the trickery and harm they have on us. Thus, annihilating what was taught to us and seeing the truth. The purpose of word annihilation is to teach us how to look at these words on a different level, how to read properly, and read on a spiritual level.

Today's word. GREAT it's spelled GREAT. The root word of great is spelled MAGN the etymology of great from the Old Saxon is pronounced GROT. Old Frisian the etymology comes from GRAT. West Germanic pronounces it GRAUTA. The Dutch pronounce it GROOT and the Germans pronounce it GROB. This word as it’s called today is great, in those languages they’re meant as coarse or thick, which is a texture, right? The definition of texture: feel, the appearance or consistency of a surface or substance, and that was back in the 14th century. Old English comes along and spells it how we spell it today (GREAT). Now check out these definitions they got for it. They are big, tall, thick, stout, massive, and finally coarse. They kept coarse in there but notice how they moved it to the back (moved to the end of the definition). When transferred to Middle English from Old English coarse is eventually removed completely. The Middle English word for great was mickle. The meaning for mickle was great and the definition of it then was just big and tall. During the transition from Middle English to Modern English it started being used as we use today as very well, but it kept big and tall as if it was talking about something material or physical. The non-material is when we say very well to someone as in “you did a good job” “you did a great job” a very well job when you're speaking of non-material.

As we get to the spelling of the word GREAT, you have the G and R as its prefix. When you look it up, you'll get a bunch of different what is said the prefix is. You have gr being the prefix for gram, it's a prefix for Greece, (Greece the country). You'll find a bunch of different prefixes. The suffix of great is EAT. The definition of eat is to put food in your mouth, chew it, and swallow it. When we return to how we were taught how to read, you would go through the letter of the word, and you would pronounce each of the letters. Sounding them out is how we were taught to read. Supposedly that's the proper way of reading. When these words were created certain spirits went into these words. Now you have EAT that energy, that spirit of eating attached itself to the word. What is going on when you eat? You put something in your mouth, you chew it, and you swallow it. Think about that spirit when you're pronouncing that word and when you're saying that word. Think of how it is spelled and what we were taught as the proper way or the right way.

There's something that's feeding on your spirit, your soul, you not as a human, but you as a soul or spirit as the stars, the sun as a moon. Be mindful of what you say when you're thinking of how you were taught to say some of these words. When we’re looking at the lowercase E and the lowercase A (depending on font) it is the same letter. It's the same symbol. If you take the E and turn it 180 degrees, you have an a. If you take the lowercase A with the hook on the top and turn it 180 degrees, it doesn't matter if you turn it left or right, you're going to have an E. They tell us there’s 26 letters in the alphabet, but when we look at them in different forms (angles) it's the same symbol just modified. Eye feel due to this type of knowledge that word should not be pronounced great, that word should be pronounced greet. Today we used great and the definition of great today in today's definitions and dictionaries and whatever else it means above normal or average very well. Now do you see how it was used “very well” being introduced as the definition of great? Now just looking at the definition very well it's being pushed to the end a little bit. We’re going to see what this meaning is in about another 50 years if we're around to see.

You can spell great many ways as long as you write the letters that you hear. There are many ways of spelling eight. You can spell it ATE like eye ate this. you are still eating and you’re still casting the “eating with your mouth spell.” Some definitions will say it's spelled differently, so it means something else. OK so let’s go with it. The definition of GRATE is to reduce like subtracting. Y'all know what reduce means but if you were to look up grate just Google that word, you’re going to come across some cheese graters. It's a cooking utensil used for preparing something to eat. Going with the ATE there's a different grate also a sewer grate. You know what the sewer grate is, right? If you look at a cheese grater, you’d have different ways to shred cheese to grate cheese. You'll have the little holes, you'll have some large holes and you'll have some slots. If we look at a sewer grate, doesn't it kind of look like a cheese grater a little bit? just throwing that in there (that might be a reach, but you should get the gist).

I also have a word like I said before that this word should be pronounced greet. The definition of greet is to give a polite word, sign of welcome or recognition to someone in a meeting. “Hello, my name is such and such. What's yours?” You greet somebody whether you greet them with a good vibe or a bad vibe. It's up to you. My way of spelling great is GREIGHT. The suffix is the number and when you take the number and turn it sideways it’s the Infinity sign. We all should know what that is by now. It’s also the ninth number yeah yeah I know some of you out there are like “NO IT’S NOT”. Yes, it is, we weren't taught how to count properly in the beginning when we were in pre-K and elementary school up to the 4th or 5th grade. We count with zero being the first number. Meaning that 0 through 9 is the 1st 10 numbers. So, if nine is the 10th number that means 8 is the 9th number. The number 8 means completion; it also has to do with intuition, advancing society, and organization. 8 is also Infinity. Infinity means it doesn't end, it continues going and going and going like the energizer bunny.

My definition of the way I just spelled greight would be complete. “How are you doing?” “I'm greight.” The way that I spell it, casts a non-lethal spell but speaks of growth or positivity. It’s positive vibes. By me saying that I'm complete not complete as in done but already looking at myself as being complete. It’s said that you're supposed to envision yourself where you want to be putting out that good goodness (law of attraction). The meaning of great began as a word to describe the feel of a texture. It's an adjective which describes the feel, the appearance, the consistency of a substance. In the end, it's about how the f**k you see sh*t and that's on you. What you see as a great eye may see as you are being foolish or something. My question is: What is greatness to you?

Word Annihilation

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Dec 03, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I really enjoyed the fruit of knowledge you've created with this one .

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