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The Wizard of Oz

RIDE OF THE DAY! This is not the normal ride of the day it’s not about an astrology conversation. I had a new perspective. This movie cover caught my eye and as I thought about the movie I suddenly seen it differently. I said “ I BE DAMN THAT IS THE 4 ELEMENTS” and the journey of life. Follow the yellow brick road? Everyone was pointing the direction to OZ so they listened. On there journey they went through a few things (Life). They finally got to OZ who was supposed to have all the answers but they found out he was a fraud. People telling you what you should do with your life. You get there and find out your no more happier. Little did they know during their journey they found the brain (Air), courage (fire), heart (water) and home (Earth). Funny thing is it never was missing it was inside them the whole time, they just never looked for it. What element do you believe your missing? Who’s yellow brick road are you following? Have you looked within? KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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