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The Real Connection Between HAIL, HALE AND HELL: The Key to Achieving Good Health

What's going on people here we are again with another Word Annihilation and today it's kind of a two-word healthy/health. You know how we start off; we're going to break down these definitions. What we have for healthy is: good health, not disease. The definitions of health: on the state of being free from illness or injury I think that leans more towards healthy than health. Another definition: a person's mental or physical condition. When it comes to the words healthy and health I want to focus on the pronunciation of the word for a moment and of course the spelling. When we say those words, we hear HELL and there's a few ways to spell it HELL, HAIL, and HALE.

HELL, when we hear that our minds automatically shift to the religion definition, and we all know it's a place where people go who disobey God. The place is a lake of fire, and the people burn for eternity. I don't know about y'all but I know what a burn feels like and I know how long an eternity is. And I don't want the two to be in the same sentence supporting each other.

HAIL: pellets of frozen rain which fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds. It is the real hell where people would not necessarily go physically but mentally. It's when you're stuck in a certain spot in life that you are not pleased with. When you freeze something, all the materials that's within the water when it freezes become ice. This is where your hail would drop from the sky and cause physical damage to your property and the property could be your body. There's a Bible verse Matthew 3:11 I know you must go back a couple of verses so you can grab the concept of what’s being said. Matthew 3:11 says “he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire”, so if he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire, would that take away from the lake of fire being a place where disobeyers go?

HALE: an elderly person that's in good and strong health. When getting back to the spelling of the word’s health and healthy, why do we hear the word HELL? Now following the rules of reading by sounding out the letters/symbols in the word, if pronounced properly it should say HEAL THY. THY is a formal dialect of your but we aren’t saying thy in the word, we are saying and hearing THE or THEE. THEE is the archaic or dialect form of you, as the singular object of a verb or preposition. On the breakdown of the word and to make the one word make sense to our health or us being healthy; we must put the word with correct spelling and definition in its proper perspective. It would be heal your body (or whatever your is) or heal you.

Why is it we don’t pronounce that word heal thy? Because we were taught REPEATING instead of READING. The brain is not firing properly because the visual is not matching the audio and this is where the confusion comes in dealing with this English language. The misfiring of neurons in your brain is like when you're dealing with the car you put spark plug wire #3 on spark plug #1. It runs but it won't run as smoothly as it should. In order for your brain to be at a state of ma’at (which means balance) or just plain out properly paired and functioning smoothly you must be aware of what it is you are reading and reciting. Because, if you don’t this brings in the confusion and it impairs your brain; and we need our brain to be paired not impaired. The time is now for us to get back to using our brain instead of having other people using it for us and against us.

Word Annihilation

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