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Daily Horoscope Dec. 10, 2021

TGIF fellow travelers of the matrix. It’s setting up to be an impactful December. Today the Sagittarius Sun is in a tense square with the Pisces Moon. Both are currently residing in Jupiter ruled signs. Jupiter is visiting Saturn in his 2nd home of Aquarius learning the art of structured detachment. Speaking of Saturn, he has done well for himself being the owner of two houses. But while the cat's away the mice will play. Saturn left the house without calling an exterminator even though he heard noises coming from inside the walls. This mouse entered Saturn’s house in November 2008 but now this mouse has turned into a full-grown rat. This rat, in the form of Pluto, has full control of Capricorn while Saturn has his back turned in Aquarius. Pluto has called the crew of Extreme Home Makeover to come fix this house. The makeover specialist Venus is meeting with Pluto tomorrow to find out what changes Pluto has in mind. Venus will then retrograde back to Pluto on Dec. 26 with her designs for the renovations. Hopefully, the job will be completed by February 28, 2022. Your deepest unconscious self-motivations, resistances, and urges regarding how and what you find valuable, what you think others want from you, and what you are willing to give to the world needs a metamorphosis.

We love to blame others for our situations but the people in your inner circle are mirroring your undealt with emotional needs. The desire of the ego verses the wishes of the soul. What is a repeating occurrence for you? Do you have the power to transform this area of your life? It’s time to recondition old unconscious emotional patterns. Learn a new way to express love. Examining your fixations is the key clue to this transit.



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