Natal Birth Chart Readings

Know Thyself

Some believe the the positions of the Sun Moon and planets at the time of a person's birth have a direct influence on that person's character. The positions are thought to affect a person's destiny, although free will plays a large role in any individuals life. If life seems like a series of meaningless events, Astrology can be a comforting sign that Perhaps things happen for a reason. It can shine light on inner contradictions and natural strengths. The birth chart is a guide to self understanding that never stops revealing new layers of insight. The Birth Chart is a tool of Self discovery.

I am Paul. When I reflect back on my life, I was always interested in astrology. I would read my daily horoscope  in the newspaper every day and  often wonder, “how do they know?”
One day I was told I am a “cusp of beauty” because my birthday was the last day of Virgo. I went home to research what cusp of beauty meant. My curiosity soared when finding out the meaning. I didn’t realize that I had just begun the journey of “Know Thyself.” Learning how to read my natal chart I acquired the skills to assist others with deciphering their own chart-energy. Astrology has helped me understand and accept me for who I am. Though still a work in progress, knowing about myself is surely making the process easier. I enjoy helping others (Virgo Sun) with the information I have gathered (Gemini Rising) that will help transform lives (Scorpio Moon) in a positive way. I look forward to meeting and working with you as we embark on your journey.

My Journey