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The Moon is exalted today in Taurus. Taurus is ruled by the planet of love and beauty the benefic Venus. Venus is in charge of the 5 senses. Taurus rules the 2nd house of values and security. Taurus is fixed earth. It represents stability. Mercury (Thoughts) and Jupiter (Beliefs) the ruler of Sagittarius is working together in a trine aspect filling us with positive thoughts on what could be coming over the horizon. Although fixed can represent stability that stability can turn to being stuck because of rigidness. Most people don’t understand that the things we do or not do on a daily basis has a belief behind it. I do this because I believe It will bring me that. We all place a value on the things we choose to do. Where did you get those beliefs from? Who gave them to you? Why do I feel awful doing this job or keeping up with this type of lifestyle? The quick answer is because it’s not yours. Most don’t understand the powerful effects that the people around us and the environment in which we live play a large part on our unconscious belief system. I prevent myself from doing something I enjoy because somewhere along my journey I picked up the belief that it has no value. The Moon's conjunction with Uranus for a brief moment allows us to acknowledge our individual uniqueness, which contrary to what others may believe has some value and needs an outlet of expression. Mercury and Venus are in the psychological sign of Scorpio. Now is the time to do that deep dive into the beliefs and value systems that you subscribe to that has come from others. There is a letting go that needs to take place to see the positives in the things you desire. This will activate the Sagittarian energy to seek it out.



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