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The Power of Wands: Igniting Your Willpower, Passion, and Creativity for a Productive Week

It's been a week full of Wands. Willpower, passion, creativity, work, growth and motivation it's all on the line and was put to the test.

With this New Moon in the sign of Scorpio in early hours Sunday night/ Monday morning, what do you truly desire? The Sun and Moon are holding hands in the sky with Mars next to them as the third wheel making this new moon extra powerful. If I add the tug of war all three are having with Uranus that makes anything possible.

If that is the case, what do you desire? If you had it, would you say this is a good life. Is it money, friends, family, career, that brings you to say I made it. If not that then what?

You need to be more assertive because your insecurities, hesitations and second guessing yourself is not good for growth.

To move forward, look at past decisions, correct the mistakes that are possible, settle any disputes, and let bygones be bygones. No need to carry any baggage into the new phase we're entering.

Ain't nothing stopping you but fear. Find your will, release the power, and take back control of your life. The eye of the tiger!



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