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The Herd

As we begin a new work week, we find the Moon in workaholic Capricorn. I recently saw a joke online, “Take care of you; because if you died today, your job will be posted online before your obituary.” It’s a really chilling thought when you think about the time, energy, and dedication you give to your “Career.” This is no ordinary Capricorn Moon; it's being bolstered by deep transformational Pluto, which has been transforming Capricorn since 2008 completing the work in 2023. Capricorn represents authority, government, corporations, the higher ranks, and the structures we live by. Taking a big picture look around you, you can see the transformation happening. Some are embracing it while others are fighting the change. The stream of change is uncomfortable. You can try to fight it, but the currents are too strong, eventually you will tire being swept away by the undertow. We are naturally a social species; we need others to play with in this matrix we call life. All of us fall victim to herd mentality at some point. What do you do when the herd is walking right into an ambush? Do you have the strength to break away from the pack? After all it's kill or be killed. Right? That doesn’t mean I have to go because the herd is too distracted to see the trap. Where are you falling victim to herd reasoning? Can it be leading you to your early demise? Are you paying attention?



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