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As we say goodbye to Virgo season and start to move into cardinal air Libra season, I would like to take this time to talk about solar returns.  Everyone knows what a solar return is, but you know it by another name, your birthday.  Why am I talking about solar returns today?  Because today is my solar return.  A solar return is when the sun returns to the exact degree that it was on your birthday.  I am a 29 degree Virgo.  The sun is currently at 29 degrees of Virgo and will cross into Libra at 9:31 am est.  Depending on what time you're reading this horoscope, the sun could already be in Libra.  Although we will celebrate my birthday today, if I really wanted to get technical, my birthday was last night at 8:32 pm est.  That's when the sun was at the exact degree and minute in my birth chart.  I mentioned the birth chart, but there is also a solar return chart. We all have a big major theme in our lives like a who-done-it novel.  A novel is broken down into chapters. The solar return gives you a heads up on the theme of the next 12 month chapter in your novel.  I know you have turned the pages ahead to get a sneak peak on what may be coming up in the book.  The solar return is the same thing.  If you would like help with your solar return chart feel free to contact me.  It's my solar return I could be giving out major discounts!



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