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As we step into a new work week, we are still dealing with some stale moldy energy.  You guys may start a dislike with the words quincunx and squares by the time this year is over.  To begin with, as a species we are built to be sociable, that is what life is truly about.  Your interactions with others and feelings it stirs inside you are important.  Venus and Jupiter are in a quincunx aspect.  Depending on your perception of the world, interactions can bring you growth, rewards, and pleasure or heartache and despair.  Adding fuel to the flame is the Mercury Pluto square. Someone or something could challenge the way you think, it could either stimulate you or disturb you. That is the area that is in need of deep emotional transformation.  You do have a little help, the Moon's sextile to Saturn, Pluto, and the Sun.  Although these sore spots get poked and triggers get pulled which you can not control, the one thing you can control is how you emotionally respond to the events.  Everyone thinks Kanye West is crazy, but I do agree with one statement of his. "Sway, you don't have all the answers!  You don't have all the answers!  You don't have all the answers!"  My question is what to do with someone that believes they do?



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