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As you start your Saturday, the day when we get that needed work around the house done, do it with a little caution.  Not only will we have a T-Square in cardinal signs but the Moon will be in opposition to Mars at the same time the Sun will be in a quincunx aspect with Mars.  This is setting the table for accidents especially with machinery.  The good thing is the Moon moves rapidly, by mid afternoon this shall pass as the Moon makes her way into the deep murky waters of Scorpio.  This energy can be used to flesh out the truth in any situation you currently find yourself.  Life is a balancing game, yes game.  Don't get mad, take your ball and run home. "There's no crying in baseball"- League of Their Own.  What are the rules?  Funny thing, there really aren't any, sort of.  The rules depend on where you can emotionally and mentally let yourself go.  When that happens, the physical must follow.  The game of balance is when you do follow; it will have a ripple effect on your 10th (Public), 7th (Relationships), and 4th (Family) houses in your birth chart.  How do you remain blissfully balanced when it seems you’re  treading water in the middle of high-tide with no floatation device to hold on to?



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