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Mixed Bag

We start off a new month on a Monday. Hello March, how did you get here so soon? It seems like we were just begging for 2020 to be over, now here we stand 2 months’ down into 2021. Today is a mixed bag of energy. Some good mixed in with a little I really could pass on that. The good is a Grand Trine in air, with the Libra Moon working well with Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and the North Node. What is your soul yearning for? What deep down in you is crying to be let out? The window is open for you to mentally grasp and embrace new ways of communication and thinking, form new healthy habits, or learn something new that expands your realm of knowledge. The Sun Venus connection in a stressful aspect asks you to release pent up energy into productive outlets. You need to direct the energy before it controls you into an unhealthy outlet. It will come out one way or another. Chiron in an exasperated aspect with the Midheaven infuses the energy of changing directions in the job or career area. Why stick to a career you chose in your 20’s? Think about it, your 40 now but still holding yourself to decisions you made in your 20’s. Seek help from someone who is more seasoned on an effective escape plan out of the prison you’ve built for yourself. With Mars at the critical last degrees of Taurus, there is a chance a hastily planned escape can backfire on you by an unfriendly Martian type energy person.



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