Mars Into Gemini

When planets are on the move, we feel the shift. Mars has finally left slow plodding Taurus, moving into quick thinking fast paced Gemini. Communications of all forms will pick up including a few verbal debates. The Mercury Jupiter union in Aquarius aids in the process of advancing new and progressive ideas. Thoughts live in the head while feelings live in the body. We may hear and think about new ways to do things, but you still need to emotionally get your body to the same space. The Moon will move out of Scorpio later today into Sagittarius opposing the god of war Mars. “I declare war” on your mental and emotional parts of yourself. What do you do when you're emotionally stuck with one philosophy on life but mentally that is being challenged? Which one wins the war? With the eclipses bouncing back and forth from Gemini to Sagittarius this year, this appears to be a longer fight then both sides anticipated. Gemini and Sagittarius are both changeable mutable energy, which one will be the first to give an inch? Mars’s trine with Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter gives Gemini the upper hand for now. Stay tuned!



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