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A trine aspect is a harmonious complementary supportive type of energy expression. Mercury and Neptune are in an exact trine today. Mercury being intellect, communication, details, planning, design, and commerce. Neptune being dreams, illusions, ideals and distortions. This can produce the energy of inspirational words. Although this aspect is easy flowing it doesn’t mean all your goals, plans, and dreams are. What is achievable or not achievable? What is real or not is subject to your personal experience of life. It’s the “Bend the Spoon” scene in the Matrix movie. Neo was born into a world where it was believed that you cannot mentally bend a spoon. The young boy was born into a world where he was never taught that you can’t mentally bend spoons. He does not have the belief that it is impossible, therefore he was able to bend the spoon with ease. What beliefs were you taught that has created the illusion that you can’t bend spoons? Is that dream or plan true-to-life or are they too big of shoes for you to walk in? The Moon is conjunct Chiron (The Wounded Healer) in the sign of Aries. When and where was your warrior (Aries) energy damaged? Are you rushing into something that is unattainable or are you not taking steps towards your dreams and plans because of fear? The Sun, Moon, Mars, and Chiron are all in fire signs. Are you dealing with an out-of-control forest fire or having problems getting your fire lit because of damp wood?



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