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I know I told you it was going to be a hell of a September.  I have a ray of light for you today in the middle of all this tension. We finally have another planet out of retrograde, that planet being Jupiter. It's great that the planet of expansion and adventure is out of retrograde, but it's still in the sign of Capricorn where it's in fall.  Fall means it doesn't like being in this sign.  Jupiter in Capricorn is like having after school detention.  You're stuck in a class with an authority figure standing over you making you write 500 times, “I will not talk in class."  Time seems to stand still. When can I bust out of here this is lame. Jupiter is not out of the thick of the woods yet but can see the clearing faintly up ahead.  I hope you have been putting in the work because if not, you don't get to leave when the time is up.  You didn't hear the part of 1hr and 500 words. If you have played around you will have more work to do.  If you have put in the work, Saturn the ruler of Capricorn may allow you to leave early.  The Moon is squaring Mars which can bring irritations. If you're reading this horoscope and find yourself feeling a little irritated, you're probably the person that didn't put in the work.  That's on you!  If you're reading this and feeling a little relief, you probably put in the work. Congrats!



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