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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

If mending the fence blew up in your face, keep in mind it takes two to tango.  The other has to be a willing participant.  The moon is in Sagittarius and sometimes unknowingly we try to prove our intellectual superiority when it really isn't about your point of view.  It's about understanding the other's point of view. Mercury squaring the Moon demands calm communication when expressing yourself or misunderstandings could be in play.  For the people not dealing with a relationship, sometimes we can be gripped with an emotional wave of loneliness.  The social distancing is certainly having a mental toll.  If the negative feelings start to creep in, know your not alone.  Maybe not in the physical sense, but you do have a guide that has been walking with you the whole time in your life journey.  When connecting with the energy that fuels the universe, it tends to build the inner strength knowing you have help.  Sagittarius tends to lean towards big picture thinking.  Use this to develop a long range goal that will bring you personal satisfaction.  Then harness the Virgo sun to workout the smaller details.



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