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Is Love Strong Enough to Heal the Strained Connection Between Venus and Pluto?

The goddess of love and beauty is experiencing tension with the God of the underworld. Venus will square (strain) Pluto bringing with it intense emotional experiences inside your relationships. Venus loves to harmonize and find balance when relating to others.

Venus represents what we love and value. It also points to your powers to attract things and people to you and what you're attracted to. What pleases you? How does your money look? What do you materially possess? What does living a good life mean to you? The power to create something new goes through Venus. The shadow of Venus can be seen as laziness, overindulgence, sorrows, loss and where you have felt rejection.

On the other hand, Pluto is similar but different from Venus. Persephone has influenced Hades. Pluto loves to create new things like Venus but only after destroying it. Pluto is the energy of transformation, out of the ashes rises the phoenix. Pluto is healing and renewing energy. Pluto points to things that are hidden, unseen, the unconscious. Plutonic energy can be seen as the death and resurrection story, the most famous of these stories is of Jesus Christ. The shadow of Pluto is controlling, manipulative, vindictive and destructive behavior. What happens when you bring these two together in the energy of tension. In my Sam Cooke voice, “a change is gonna come. Oh yes, it will!”

This could bring problems in relationships that force the relationship to change or force you to change yourself. Are you doing this relationship out of boredom? Is this person, job, or situation good for you? Are you seeing the person or situation clearly? Do you feel restricted or smothered or are you the one doing the restricting or smothering? This is the energy of breakdowns in relationships.

What has been hidden or ignored is coming to the surface whether you like it or not. Feelings of jealousy, a sense of betrayal, the urge to control the other, damaging projections on others, addictions and destroying what you love are all up for discussion. Don't get scared, let's not forget the healing power of Pluto. Out of what sounds painful can come a deep understanding within that same relationship. Is love the power of healing? Keep love in your heart and mind during this crisis then report back to me your findings.

The Sabian symbol for the 28th degree of Libra says, “mankind's vast enduring effort for knowledge transferable from generation to generation.” We all stand on the backs and shoulders of the knowledge attained and handed down to us by the elders. Learn this knowledge, learn to apply this knowledge, commit yourself to being better and doing better. For the tarot people who may need a translation?

The Empress has been dealing with 4 of Swords issues. It’s time for the Wheel of Fortune to turn and bring justice to this Tower moment. Use better Judgment while trying to hold onto the 4 of Pentacles. Constant temptations from the devil are affecting the Sun. The sun sets and rises daily. Can you be solar like and rise out of the ashes like the phoenix? You can if you bridge the gap by seeking the truth, the truth will always set you free to a greater life.




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Dec 03, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I do not think of love much as healing, but love can have a healing prowess depending on who/what you love. It's something inside of our spirits that create a deep affection towards certain people, places, things. Love also expands into verbs too. What attaches us to these nouns and verbs are out of my knowledge, but to my assumption it was well thought out while our souls were being crafted by the creator. It's not so common that you find someone who loves, has a deep desire, for the exact same things as yourself. Love does not settle for less.

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