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Have you ever come out the house on a foggy morning with zero visibility? That is what 2020 has felt like up until this point. Good news, the fog is starting to burn off with Neptune going direct. It will take a few days for all the fog to lift but you can now start seeing a little further ahead down the road. As we begin a new work week on the eve of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini, set your intentions to receive an intellectual download that can be used to broaden your horizons. The Moon’s trine with Jupiter should provide assistance with that expansion, while the Moon’s trine with Saturn will help with tolerance and patience. You will need to lean on these 2 energies to help with the stressful Sun Pluto aspect throwing Pluto’s powerful transformative energy off balance. Adding to the frustration is the quincunx from the Sun to erratic unpredictable Uranus giving way to strong impulsive energies. A word to the wise, think before speaking while Mercury is in opposition to the Moon. The eclipse is happening at 8 degrees Gemini. The Sabian symbol for that degree says, “Aroused strikers surround a factory.” People go on strike when they are fed up with the conditions they are facing. Gemini the twins have the ability to see both sides of a coin. Seeing both sides not only shows your open, but it also gives you options. This Full Moon says gather the information needed that will give you more options to seek out (Sagittarius) what you truly desire (Venus and Mercury in Scorpio).



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