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Good riddance September, hello October which begins with a powerful Full Moon in Aries. The extra boost comes from retrograding Mars occupying Aries, the sign it rules. Mars is also limping away from the confrontation with Saturn as he is advancing on transformational Pluto. All of this is happening in cardinal signs: the action, initiative, new beginnings, ambitious, and opportunistic part of the sky. On the personal level, find the cardinal house cusp in your chart to get the exact area for you. Are you scratching your head thinking, what does this all mean, it doesn't sound too positive. The positive or negative determination comes from the release of the T-Square, Cancer. Squares and oppositions can push you to want more and to do better or make you fold up like a worn out dollar bill, free will. Aries, the “I am”, Mars, the gladiator, trying to forge ahead while the Libra sun is evaluating, friend or foe. Who is down for total realignment vs the resistance to level up.  Chiron whispers in the Moon's ear, "the one who you thought was foe may have been the friend, do you need to rectify that?" Neptune is traveling through Pisces making the whole situation foggy, leading to misjudgments. Astrology is about cycles, starting points and ending points, growth or the lack thereof in between. In the grand scheme, at some point you're going to have to make a decision, either them or me. Why are we taught to feel guilty when we choose ourselves?



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