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Daily Horoscope Sept. 15, 2021

Worthwhile Wednesday to you. Mars has left Virgo (Thankfully) entering his exile in Libra. Although this is not Mars’s favorite sign, it has mutual reception with Venus. Venus is in Scorpio a Mars ruled sign while Mars is in Libra a Venus ruled sign. It’s like a female over at her boyfriend’s house hanging curtains adding home décor to a bachelor pad while the male is at his girlfriend’s house with his tool belt going through his honey do list. Mars brings all his might and will power into the relationship zone either to build bridges or to burn the mother fucker down. Action through healthy conflict. Do you fight fair or are you a dirty dirt in the eyes hit below the belt type fighter? Are you repressing anger within your intimate relationships fearing the repercussions? Are you the counselor, peace maker, lover, or foe in your intimate relationships?

The Capricorn Moon squares the wounded healer Chiron and Mercury which influences us to gain insight into situations we have misunderstood or taken the wrong way. Hump day healing by connecting with someone else’s story. A time of turning of fortune in your love, luck, pleasure, or comfort zone area. Trust your intuitive hits to prevent using the words “I Knew It” later. Press your Luck for big bucks, big bucks, big bucks keeping a watchful eye out for Mr. Whammy trying to take all you got.



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