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Daily Horoscope Sept. 13, 2021

Motivated Monday to you, where we find the Sun at 21 degrees Virgo. The Sabian symbol speaks of a girls’ basketball team. A team is a group of people working together to accomplish the same goal. The game of basketball is the life you’re living. Your teammates are the people you engage daily in interactions. The ball is your soul conscious that you’re trying to push upwards into a circle. It takes precision, aim, and muscle memory to score points which takes countless hours of practice. You will have opponents (Haters) trying to stop you from scoring, it’s part of the game. Many people choose to not even participate, they took their ball home because it’s too hard and people are not fair. Suck it up buttercup. While you’re at home crying in your Cheerios, others play the game to the best of their ability. The Sagittarius Moon will square the Virgo Sun and Neptune in Pisces creating a tense T-Square. Which team are you on? The IMA’s? I am going to this. Are you on the Wantas? I want to do that. Both teams are always at the bottom of the league. No G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) has ever been a member of one of these two teams. Have you quit, taking your ball home to cry? The unexpected will reveal the jersey you are wearing.



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