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Daily Horoscope Oct. 13, 2021

Happy hump day to you. As more planets start coming out of retrograde, we can feel blockages being lifted and frustrating delays coming to an end. Jupiter will be out of retrograde in 4 more days, Mercury in 5 days. We will have all the inner planets back to doing what they do. The Sun has energized Mars for his 2-year journey around the zodiac but instead of the analytical Virgo, it will be flying the Libran flag of fairness, justice, and balance cutting and trimming things that no longer serve your higher purpose. It’s time to lighten your load. That is what the reviewing time of retrograde seasons are meant for.

I recently asked, “What is something you know you were wrong about but was too stubborn to admit it?” The range of answers was interesting but the aftermath of said act was the most intriguing to me. Some people have accepted, learned, and moved on, while others are still not ready to admit it. Do yourself that favor and set yourself free. For me, my stance on religion can be modified. I must admit it has given me the initial foundation in which I have built my kingdom of knowledge upon.



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