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Daily Horoscope Nov. 21, 2021

We reached the last day of Scorpio Season. We also reached a day for someone incredibly special to me. Today is my mother Wanda Heath’s birthday. People try to throw stones thinking my house is made of glass. What they don’t know is that because of Wanda Heath my house is built on a solid foundation. Your sticks and stones can break my bones but what you think or say about me doesn’t not concern me. The Sun is leaving Scorpio while connected to the North and South Node. We are nearing a day of celebration and family gatherings. Do you have the courage to move out the shadows of stagnation, regrets, and guilts of days gone by moving towards a more truthful expression of your uniqueness? Do you even know what your unique gifts are? Are you so lost in the programming of the matrix that you have lost connection with yourself? The emotionally expressive Gemini Moon has 5 planets in her blind spot. Your communications can be deep, truthful, and penetrating.

Conflicts and misunderstandings can be avoided if the road of compassion is taken. Events in life are lessons not for dwelling on the negative details. Stop trying to control life. Life will happen, like it or not. Try Letting go of your baggage and need for controlling outcomes. I double dog dare you!



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