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Daily Horoscope Dec. 12, 2021

Howdy good people of the matrix. Mars is sitting at the fated 29° of Scorpio packing his bags preparing to leave. I don’t know how Mars feels about leaving. Usually, when planets hit the anaretic degree things happen. But hot-headed Mars is in dark cold wet Scorpio where his fiery nature is tempered. Mars will rejoin the Sun and Mercury in optimistically adventurous Sagittarius. An infusion of Martian energy into plans and goals that you want to achieve down the road. Can a man change his stars? William Thatcher gave us the answer to that question.

The Sun Neptune square says it can be done if you dare to dream and follow your feet. Relax, you may find it hard to concentrate. Stay away from risky areas and situations. It looks like this will be a lazy Sunday. Save those bets for next week. You will thank me tomorrow.



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