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Daily Horoscope Aug. 26, 2021

Hello Virgo Season and happy birthday to all the Virgo’s out there, myself included. Virgo Risings are basking in the Sun’s glory as they get energized for their next 12 month run. It’s a Marathon not a sprint. Virgo Season is changeable organizing earth, when we are moving from Summer preparing ourselves for fall as we pick the harvest. To have a successful Fall Season, we must be prepared. This is where Virgo will step in, assisting in the changeover. Whatever the regenerative planet Pluto touches, it can be painful on a deep level. The Aries Moon will make a stressful square to retrograding Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury, the Sun’s conciliary, wants a piece of this action as well. The last ingredient added to today’s gumbo mix, the soul driven North Node’s aspect to the Moon. An emotionally profound conversation will force you to face some deep painful truth. Venus’s opposition to Chiron makes it with a loved one or a female. Mindful Mercury’s awkward contact with the Moon says it will be a misunderstanding of words. This situation propels you to move forward by forcing you to act. It must come up, to come out. Jupiter’s contact to the Moon guarantees this will bring new insightful thoughts that will expand your horizons. You asked, now it’s here. No pain No gain. Take your lace panties off.



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