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Daily Horoscope April 16, 2022

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Today we reach the first full moon of the real new year which starts in the season of Aries. This full moon is taking place in the sign of Libra which has the scales of balance as its symbol. A heightened awareness of life’s unbalances will come into play showing you where one area is unevenly weighted creating a wave of chaos on the other side. Libra reminds us that there is always the other or opposite from which we stand. This could be a time of bridging gaps or burning bridges down, understanding of other’s perspectives and behaviors, and recognizing how you personally treat the people around you. There is a freer energy in the air, being that all planets except for Pluto are finally out of Saturn’s control. The Jupiter Neptune conjunction, exalted Venus, and the god of war Mars all are sitting in Pisces creating a stellium. Your Pisces area will see a rise in activity. This cardinal full moon is creating a T-square with Pluto at 90° between the Sun and Moon. Your buttons can be pressed by the way of someone challenging your perspectives. Are you open and aware enough to incorporate aspects of the opposite or will you proceed full steam ahead discounting that the other also has a right to exist?



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