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Happy Monday, everybody, don't you love Mondays?  I do.  Let's get this week started off with a bang!  The Moon is in Leo this morning having a cup of coffee with Venus.  This is a great combination for good vibes and connecting with others.  Leo represents the kid in all of us.  Although we attach a number (age) to our lives, no matter how old you get, you still have the Leo passion living inside you.  Conventional thought tells us it's not mature for a grown up to act on our Leo impulses, but one can also make the argument that you're not truly living if you're not living and expressing your Leo nature.  The Moon is one of the fastest moon objects, so though we will start the morning in good spirits; it may not remain that way.  We are still in the throws of the September roller coaster ride.  We often think that as older folks there is nothing our kids or younger folks can teach us. I tell you; you don't tell me.  If we move from that position to a position of evolving then you will see the youth are here to push us to evolve.  Stop fighting them. You sound like the “get off my lawn“ person. One of the greatest singers who ever lived, Whitney Houston, sang " I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way."  The next line says "Show them all the beauty they possess inside."  I'm going to tweak that slightly, " Let them reconnect you to the childlike, beautiful spirit that still lives inside.



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