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Aug. 4,2021

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

What day is it? It’s hump day! Wednesday is Mercury’s day. Mercury rules Gemini, where we find the Moon today on her way to Cancer later this afternoon. The sun sits at 12 degrees Leo. The Sabian symbol for that degree speaks of an evening party of adults on a lawn. In other words, the hump day atmosphere will have you ready to escape the normal work routine for more social surroundings with party favors. The Moon’s square with Neptune has nerve and anxiety meters turned to extra sensitive, leading you to be looking for the nearest escape door. The Moon’s aspect to Pluto could bring about an event that forces the truth to the surface. The Moon Mars sextile gives you access to emotional force that can be channeled into physical activities or be expressed as frustrations or rash behavior. The ability to remain calm may be needed to prevent the ball of negativity from rolling downhill. Your ability to handle the unexpected could be put to the test. Although the Moon is in communicative Gemini, it makes an edgy aspect to Mercury giving way to misunderstandings. The saving grace of the day is the Sun’s connection to Chiron. Events should be looked at as triggers that push you past stuck energy. This energy can help you to release past hurts. Our closet is too cluttered to fit new happy experiences into it. All experiences do not need to be seen from a good or bad lens. It Just is. In which you are supposed to learn. If you fool me once, shame on you. If you fool me twice, shame on me. If you fool me three times, I’m just a damn fool.



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