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Gone For 20 Min

My ride of the day post has been astrology post but today’s is different. I am on day 15 of a 21 day Deepak Chopra meditation. Today’s theme is notice synchrodestiny moments through out the day. So she has on a Cancer ribbon shirt but the ribbon is purple. What does the purple mean? Liver cancer I am a survivor just had surgery 3 weeks ago I actually coded for 20 minutes and came back. Now I have heard a few people talk about near death experiences and what happened when they crossed over most famous to me is Anita Moorjani. So instead of blurting out what I heard I asked what did you see? “Yes there was a light, I also saw my dad we talked there was a shadow behind him I don’t know what that was but he said it’s not my time. Now I’m fascinated because that matches the stories I heard especially Anita’s story. The way she see’s things now and some of the things she learned has shifted. We talked about beliefs and belief systems. I shared my thoughts on what I thought was going on. She actually confirmed most of them from her experience. She stated she told her mom but hasn’t really shared what happened with a lot you know how people could be think your crazy. So here it is she gets a ride with someone who knows different people who has experienced NDE, which I am sure was validating for her. I received some validation myself. One of the things that stood out was the words “Knowing Yourself “ came out her mouth which was kind of chilling for me. I pulled up my last ride of the day and showed her how I end all my post with KNOW THYSELF and BALANCE YOUR ENERGY. If you would like to know pretty much the theme of the message check out the picture of this shirt.


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