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To Be or Not To Be

The reason I write these rides of the day is because it’s a trip how things just line up. I forgot how the subject came up but I was explaining the difference between the sun, moon and rising sign. He didn’t know his time but I looked up his placements. He had two Stelliums (3 or more planets in 1 house or sign) going on. One in Virgo the other in Capricorn. Of coarse I was taking him the 2nd of 3 jobs typical Capricorn always working. His sun sign was Leo. When I said Leo’s can be actors he yelled out I’m a actor. Now I really get interested because how the acting thing lined up. Virgo’s can be protectionist having a stellium in virgo I was wondering how this showed up for him. Turn’s out it shows up in his acting learning lines and all that. Having 2 stellium’s in earth probably makes this guy very grounded and practical. During the conversation he asked “How can you use this information" (Earth)? I said the way out of a stellium is the opposite sign or house. Let’s take your virgo stellium the opposite of that is Pisces. If I give a virgo and a Pisces the same coloring book page the Virgo will worry about staying inside the lines the Pisces will worry about the colors on the page. Pisces will not care if they go over the lines they may say it gives it more life. Capricorn think military the opposite of that is Cancer think feelings. Now add your Saturn sign being in Aquarius=Detachment. What does all that mean you ask? yes! I never seen you perform but your probably to stiff. Your so worried about remembering the lines and saying them perfect (Virgo) that it’s missing color (Pisces). I’m no professional actor but I’m sure acting is more than hitting the timing marks (Capricorn) is about making me feel a certain way (Cancer). Now I have a question for you do you think your performance is missing color and feelings? Yes! The key to opening that is your Saturn sign Aquarius (detachment) stop caring what people will think of your performance just perform. This guy’s eyes got big like a kid seeing the toys under the christmas tree for the first time and shot out the car. I wish I would have gotten his name or asked where he maybe performing it would be interesting to see his next performance.



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