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Here we go again. Last time I was at a BBQ and astrology came up it didn’t go well. This time it’s strangers and I’m asked what do I do. With hesitation I say I am an astrologer remembering last time but now game on. Now I am getting peppered with questions and I am explaining. When it started it was only 4 people but some how others started making their way out the house I didn’t really notice I was in a zone. I say well I can get a lot more accurate with the time of birth out comes a date and time from the gathering. I pull his chart up to my surprise it’s like looking at my own Gemini rising Virgo sun in the 4th house like me but different moon sign. In the middle of doing the reading I asked his occupation. To my surprise he was a Baptist preacher. What is a Baptist preacher doing asking about his birth chart I am thinking? The answer his north node is Aquarius just like mine but different house. It was interesting for me to see because we are actually doing the same thing just different path. Lastly, I asked him few questions away from everyone just to see where he was at let’s just say I am sure his congregation would be shocked with some of his responses.



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