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I’m going to bring you behind my curtain and show you how my energy gets down. I am a Gemini rising Virgo sun Scorpio moon. I am mostly in Gemini mode giving just general information about signs. A step mother (Aries) and daughter (Pisces) returning from watching the Atl Braves at spring training in Fla. We talked dieting and emotions the mom said see I told you we need to find a therapist, I said or a good astrologer. The daughter kind of Ha Ha right I said no I am serious. I do my usual explaining of their sun signs. Then she said thats cool but I wish you could tell me something about my love life. I said do you know your time of birth? She asked me a specific question now my scorpio moon (The detective) gets activated and figure out the deal with her love life. I find her venus just happens to be in Aries (step mom) and I say hey you don’t like push overs for mates you really would like a warrior type like your mom. She agreed which explains why she just broke up with a non confrontational Libra. The detective has done it’s work and Virgo time to deliver the analysis. When explaining virgo energy to others I warn virgo’s that the truth is an acquired taste not everyone can handle it. When you ask a virgo a question they tell you the truth because we feel if you didn’t want to know why ask. She asked my ego (virgo sun) a question so I had to tell her the truth. Both her Saturn and pluto are conjunct in the 7th house Scorpio the house of relationships. I say being that your vacationing with your step mom it maybe safe to say something went down with your real mother. Scorpio loves deep bonding and yours was damaged. That was just the set up for your journey. Your north node is cancer (feelings) in the 3rd house (communication). Are you ready for this? Yes! until you learn how to communicate your true feelings and emotions to someone your never going to have that deep bond that your here to learn and heal. That’s is what you are learning from that lady next to you and why your attracted to Aries energy. Some times the truth hurts and by this time she was trying to get away from me as fast as possible. The stop mom leaned over and whispered you hit that one out the park!



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