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From Cars To Kids

We started off talking about cars but during that convo I asked if he had any kids (NO) but I will get back to that. This guy was a Molecular Scientist (Sun in 11th) who worked for a company that sells medical devices. We talked about what he did then he asked about me. He is a Leo sun, Taurus moon and a Virgo rising. He traveled around the country explaining how to use the companies devices (mid heaven-Gemini-spreading info). I explain to him Virgo’s (wife-virgo) have a way of taking complex information and breaking it down to simple forms. He said he is 1 of 3 people that are able to do his job, the reason he got the position is for that very reason. I explain how Taurus rules vales and security. How Taurus identify with the things they have and own it’s what they need to feel secure. He stopped me there and said remember you asked me if I had any kids? Yes, well the reason I don’t have kids is because I was telling my wife how expensive everything is and we need to have enough before we have children. So I ask, What is enough? Good question fast forward to last night we was just talking about this same thing now I am 42 and it’s getting kind of late. He is dealing with a lot of fixed energy (Leo, Taurus, sun 11th, Scorpio node). His Scorpio north node is in his 2nd house of vales and security. I say fixed energy is very stubborn and stuck in their ways. Scorpio represents death and transformation. For you to have this baby you have to kill off your existing values, as in whatever you think you need to be secure has to die. He said as in there is value in having kids and a family? YES! By the way I picked this guy up in a very nice neighborhood he drives a Mini Cooper and his wife a Toyota SUV. C’MON MAN!


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