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This guy on the radio said it was his 1 year anniversary of when he had a heart attack at the age of 46. I said wow we are the same age. Then the rider says I almost had a mini stroke last year my whole left side locked up I am 36 the doctor said it’s stress. That is how the convo started but ended with me pulled on the side showing him my traveling library. You ever wish you knew then what you know now? Well, I just met myself 10 years younger. A Gemini rising just like me. A Virgo sun in the 4th house just like me. A Moon in the 5th house just like me but his is Libra and mine is Scorpio. His north node (soul lesson) Gemini my saturn (life lesson) Gemini same lesson but on a different level. Here is where we kind of differ, our souls are going in opposite directions. My north node is in my 9th house which is ruled by Sagittarius, which is the opposite sign of Gemini. When you see me I will have a bag of books and a notebook in there to write stuff down. He had a notebook and a book in his hand as well but his book was the bible. This bible was warn out, pages and whole sections falling out so I know he must really be into his bible to the point that he can recite lines. What do you think happens when I read his chart? Gemini’s are here to ask 1 million questions but be careful for what you ask you might not be ready for what you get. Which brings me to his Saturn being in Scorpio. He said man I heard about astrology I looked at something read it and closed it up. You see Scorpio loves the deep dark shadowy stuff. He read something got scared because it went against something he believed and never went back. That is not what a Gemini would do but he didn’t do the Gemini thing because he was scared of the dark (Scorpio Saturn). My moon sign is Scorpio and when I came to the same fork he did with astrology as you can see I dove in. How are we opposite he is here to gather information Gemini I am suppose to teach (Sag) the info in some form. Now this younger version of myself (I went to catholic school my whole life) is peppering the old me with all kinds of questions and I am giving it to him. He looked like Neo when he first learn karate. I showed him my ride of the day blogs he wanted to be today’s. Lastly, I picked him up from his friend’s house and brought him home. He had a argument with his wife and left. When I first picked him up it was like he was going but didn’t want to go, by time I left him he couldn’t wait to get into the house. Not only because he saw the situation differently but this Gemini rising is going to be up all night googling an watching videos.Yes, I gave him homework. HA! HA!


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