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A Stuck Taurus

Taurus rules values and security. Taurus is fixed earth. Fixed means hold energy or sustain energy. All fixed signs can be very controlling. The fixed signs are Leo (fire) Aquarius (Air) Scorpio (water) and Taurus (earth). Taurus people love comfort unfortunately familiarity can equal comfort as well. The problem with familiarity is after awhile you get stuck in familiar patterns of living. This Taurus guy doesn’t like having a roommate but he likes the roommates money. This guy also has a moving truck that has been parked for almost 2 years. He refuses to fix it and put it to work and he also refuses to sell it to the countless people who have asked him to buy it. On one hand he is stuck in the pattern of depending on roommates to make ends meet but he is tired of living with roommates. On the other hand he has roommate money plus some just sitting in his driveway that he refuses to do anything with. This bull is stuck and stagnating. He looked at me crazy when I told him to rearrange his furniture and clean out his closet. He needs to get his energy unstuck. Rearranging his furniture can help his energy start to move which in turn he may make him move on other issues. Taurus identify with the things they own it’s important to them, so selling the van is like asking him to get rid of his left foot. It feels like he is giving a piece of himself away.


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