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On a long ride we really have time to cover a lot of info and when 2 people with Gemini energy come together the information can really jump from subject to subject. We actually have something in common, he has 3 planets including his sun and the 4th house Gemini. Mine are Virgo. He is also a Pisces rising with an Aries moon in the 1st house. Now here is where it get’s interesting, a few days ago I wrote about the thug with Saturn in the 9th house of higher learning and beliefs. This guy has the same house placement his is Sagittarius but instead of higher learning like I thought the other guy was his turned out to be beliefs. Ain’t it funny how it can be either or. He talked about returning to school but then turns out he is heavy into the church to the point that he is the youth minister. That fits his Pisces rising (Public Mask) because Pisces can be spiritual leaders. I break down his chart, Gemini’s are here to ask 1 million questions that is why google is their best friend. Now he wants to know how it works and that is where the sh-t hit the fan. He asked question’s and I introduced him to things he has never heard about being so heavily invested. Why does moses have horns on his head in pics? Why christians have the fish on the back of their car. There more then just the 4 gospels. What really did him in was explaining the last supper picture. After every question I asked you sure you want to know that? “Yes!” When he got out the car he said it looks like I have some research to do but he had this look on his face which reminded me of the Matrix when Neo got sick when seeing the Matrix for the first time. I got out the car asked if he was alright gave my number said let me know if you need something. Lastly, his pluto (unconscious issues held by the soul) is in Scorpio in the 8th house. Scorpio loves the behind the scenes stuff it loves to dig deep. Gemini likes to play on the surface. Do you think he has been googling since I dropped him off? KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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