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I just posted about a Taurus who connected his ego with his belongings. This ride was a few rides later and it was the opposite side of Taurus. Taurus rules security and values well this Taurus was about values. I found this one very interesting being this lady was 78 years old and was eager to hear about astrology but I think she got more than she thought it was. Taurus sun Libra moon but what made this one even more interesting is her Saturn (Life lesson) is Taurus and her north node (soul Lesson) was Libra. She has 3 sons 2 Taurus’s and a Libra both her Saturn and node. Her deceased husband didn’t know his birthday but his was very controlling. He once walked in one day said we are moving to Puerto Rico and that was it (Saturn in Taurus denied her needs/Libra moon balanced it). She was on her way back to New Jersey but she really wanted to move even got rid of furniture but is still living there. Taurus loves comfort and can get stuck in that comfort and stagnate. I asked about a retirement community she ruled it out. I poked at her with a few question to figure out why. Turns out what was once the stigma of an OLD FOLKS HOME was the sticking point. I said I have given rides to people who live in these places they love it. They have all kinds of activities and group outings. Oh really? Yes. When you get home start moving some furniture around in your house get the energy moving clean out your closet prepare yourself for a move. Lastly your life lesson is learning to enjoy the simple things in life, good food, nice smells, look at beautiful things, the feel soft stuff on your skin and hear great music. Your soul lesson is balance in relationships problem is you delayed your joy for others and often didn’t voice it. “I am a old lady.” Maybe but your not in the ground yet. The balance you seek is for a change think about your joy. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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