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Saturn Block

This is not just one ride but like 3 rolled into one. I have been on a little roll now and these people made me slow my roll. Its funny how the universe works you start to feel yourself a little bit it will throw a monkey wrench at you. I kind of got use to explaining someone's sign energy and receiving pretty much the same reaction OMG, That is me, How did you know. Imagine my surprise to explain a sign and they say in all seriousness that is not me at all. Come on now I say are you sure? Yes none of that sounds like me at all. Now I am thinking is this person lying about it? Did they tell me the wrong birthdate? It was the right date but something even more fascinating was going on Saturn was conjunct (sitting next to) their sun and one ladies moon. Oh sooooo that is what Saturn can be a blocking energy really means. Seriously, I went down my list they were like nope nope nope nope. Yes Saturn is your life lesson but turns out it could be the best blocker in football. One lady was a Virgo sun and Leo moon. She was all Virgo but Leo she wasn’t having any of it. What really stood out she wanted nothing to do with kids and Leo or 5th house rules kids. This prompted me having to pull up all her planet placements and there it was Saturn next to her moon. The 2 other people had Saturn blockages on their sun. Find your Saturn find your block. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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