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Guess who's coming to dinner

This post is a little different more like an observation of energy. A couple was having a convo the wife was reading like a list of bullet points. It was political so I asked are you giving a political speech? No we are going over to his parent’s house and they are Trump supporters. Where are you from? We live in Boston but my husband is from ATL. So your going over there with a list of stuff why they shouldn’t support him? OMG yes he is this he is that he is---. I understand but if I were you, I wouldn’t worry about that list. Why? Because politics is a team sport now its not about the issues. It’s Saints vs Falcons it’s Bama vs Auburn. It’s Patriots vs everybody lol. Yes but blah blah blah. Again I understand but you really think your going to walk in there with your little list and all of a sudden they going to say thank you for showing us the light? They are going to dig in deeper (YEP from the husband). Especially after what the Patriots did to the Falcons in the Super bowl. I asked her sign I just had to know, she was a Taurus but her mercury was Aries. Taurus rules values Aries is the warrior don’t back down from a fight. If I had a million dollars I would bet she didn’t listen to me a ruined a family dinner because she felt the need to fight for her values. Aries energy needs to realize not everyone feels like fighting. Maybe they just wanted to have a good meal and visit with their son and daughter in law. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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