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I hope you wrote last night's dream down because there was an important message in it for you in them.  While you slept, the Moon met up with Neptune (Daniel from the Book Of Daniel) to help you with the dream interpretation since the meeting happened  in Pisces Neptune's Kingdom.  The Moon also makes a sextile aspect to Saturn Jupiter and Pluto in cardinal earth giving you the energy to ground those dreams on the earthly plain.   The big news of the day is we not only have 1 but 2 planets entering Libra less than 10 minutes apart lighting up this energy space.  At 9:33 PM est, retrograding Mercury will enter Libra sneaking through the backdoor ahead of Queen Venus taking her throne at 9:41 PM est.  We just finished Libra season, but those 2 planets entering Libra says we still got some work to do.  With the Sun now in Scorpio, the energy around the Libra focus has slightly shifted.  Retrograding Mercury may put you back in front of someone or something you thought you were done with.  The Scorpio Sun says that you should take a deep investigative look.  Adding Venus in the sign it rules, beauty, balance, and peace is the end game.  The true meaning of life is about the relationships you develop on the road to evolving into a better you.  Keep in mind, friendships are just as important as intimate relationships.  Beware of being the people pleaser. It's an inside out game, learning proper balance between the personality and the soul is the key. The Pluto Moon sextile can bring some truths to light. Embrace them.



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